Privacy Policy

We are regulated by government legislation such as the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (‘Privacy Act’) and the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code (‘CR Code’), which outline how we should treat your personal information.

Straya is very serious about your privacy. Given our secure on line platform no more personal information and loan documents floating around someone’s office.

This policy explains how we manage your personal and credit information, including:

What is personal information?
Personal information includes any information or an opinion about someone or someone who can be identified. This includes things like your name, address, date of birth, email address or driver’s licence number.

What is credit related information;
Credit-related information is personal information that has a bearing on credit that has been provided to you or that you have applied for. This includes credit information and credit reporting information such as the information we receive from credit reporting bodies in your credit report, information about your past experiences with other lenders, the kinds of credit products you have applied (such as credit cards) for and how you have managed your commitments.

What information do we collect and hold;
When you apply for one of our products, we collect your personal information.

The majority of information we collect will be directly from you.

This could include your:

  • full name, date of birth and contact details;
  • identification information such as your driver’s licence number,
  • passport details and residency status;
  • financial information including your income and expense details;
  • marital status and number of dependents;
  • details of contracts of sale and property insurance.
  • There are some cases where we might collect personal information about you from other people or organisations, such as our funder, service providers or your employer.

What online data do we collect;
Whenever you use a website or Internet service, there’s certain information that gets collected about your visit.

Whenever you use a website, app, or other Internet service, there’s certain information that gets created and recorded automatically by the IT systems necessary to operate that site, app or service. The same is true when you use our website.

Straya uses “cookies” (a small text file sent by your computer each time you visit our website, unique to your Straya account or your browser) to make it easier for you to use our site, or so we can record data relating to the pages you viewed and activities you carried out during your visit. This is solely aimed to improve your experience with us.

How do we use your information?
We only use your personal information to help us assess your credit application.

Some specific things we use and share your personal information for include:

  • verifying your identity;
  • assessing your application for our home loan products;
  • assisting with your questions or complaints;
  • internal operations, such as record keeping, auditing or training;
  • reporting and data analytics, including for regulatory, management and research purposes;
  • complying with our legal and regulatory requirements;
  • informing you of ways the products and services provided to you could be improved or additional products or services that you may benefit from; and
  • marketing products or services.

Do we share your information;
We sometimes need to share your information outside of Straya. Rest assured we only share information with third parties that we believe have the appropriate systems in place to look after your personal information.

Some of the third parties we might share your personal information with include:

  • our funding partners;
  • Lenders’ Mortgage Insurers;
  • Title Insurance Providers;
  • identity verification service providers;
  • information technology companies maintaining our systems and services, including cloud and data warehousing service providers;
  • external advisers such as valuers, lawyers or auditors;
  • government and regulatory bodies, as required by law;
  • external complaint resolution bodies;
  • credit reporting bodies;
  • other financial institutions or credit providers;
  • law enforcement agencies;
  • your authorised representatives or advisers or people acting on your behalf.

What credit information do we collect and hold;
When you apply for or have a Straya/Greenhouse product, we’ll collect and store credit-related information, and that information could be shared or used in the future.

The types of credit-related information we collect and hold includes:

  • name, date of birth, gender, address (including prior addresses);
  • the kinds of credit products you have or have applied for;
  • information on credit previously given to you by us or other credit providers, including financial institutions, energy or telecommunications companies;
  • how you’ve managed your obligations (which could include details of defaults and repayment history);
  • information in a credit report from a credit reporting body;
  • information about your credit worthiness that has been derived from a report about you (such as a credit score);
  • details of credit-related court proceedings or insolvency;
  • serious credit infringements.

How do we use and share your credit information?

Your credit-related information could be used for a few different things, including:

  • assessing credit applications;
  • our internal operations, including risk management and portfolio analysis.

Your credit-related information could be shared with organisations including the following:

  • Lenders’ Mortgage Insurers
  • our funding partners;
  • credit reporting bodies;
  • other credit providers.
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